Solar AC Price in Pakistan 2024: Best Models and Rates

As the global movement towards sustainable energy solutions gains momentum, Pakistan is witnessing a surge in the adoption of Solar Air Conditioners (ACs). With rising temperatures, households are turning to solar-powered ACs not only to keep their homes cool but also to contribute to a greener environment. In this article, we’ll explore the Solar AC prices in Pakistan for 2024, highlighting various models and their respective rates.

Solar AC Price in Pakistan 2024: Best Models and Rates

Solar AC Prices in Pakistan 2024: A Glimpse of Sustainability

Solar AC ModelPrices in PKR
PEL Inverter AC (1.0 Ton) InverterOn FIT T3 12KRs. 160,000
Changhong Ruba Solar ACRs. 173,999
Haier Solar 1 Ton DC InverterRs. 152,900
Haier Pearl Inverter New Series 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Solar UPS EnabledRs. 179,100
Gree GS 18FITH7S 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Inverter Air conditionerRs. 214,000
Dawlance 1.5 Ton AC Avante Inverter 30 Dark MaroonRs. 165,600
KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245SRs. 152,900
Dawlance Air Conditioner Sprinter 30 DC Inverter 1.5 TonRs. 169,500
Mitsubishi Solar ACRs. 1,19,000
Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC 97% SavingRs. 165,000
TCL Solar TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton InverterRs. 178,600
Samsung Solar ACRs. 59,990 to Rs. 1,49,990
Orient Solar AC 1.5 Ton VENUS Bright White DC InverterRs. 155,000
LG Solar ACRs. 1,49,990
Panasonic 1.5 Ton Split ACRs. 110,000

Top Solar ACs with Their Prices in Pakistan

1. Dawlance 1.5 Ton AC Avante Inverter 30:

  • Priced at Rs. 165,600, this model combines efficiency and sustainability with advanced inverter technology for rapid cooling and optimized energy consumption.

2. TCL Solar TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC:

  • Priced at Rs. 178,600, this model offers large cooling capacity and eco-friendly energy solutions, catering to varied room sizes.

3. LG Solar AC:

  • LG’s Solar ACs, ranging from Rs. 59,990 to Rs. 1,49,990, reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability, durability, and performance.

4. Haier Solar 1 Ton DC Inverter:

  • Priced at Rs. 152,900, Haier’s solar-powered AC offers efficient cooling with less energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly and affordable option.

5. Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC:

  • Priced at Rs. 165,000, this model stands out with 97% energy-saving efficiency, making it a balanced choice between affordability and sustainability.

6. Changhong Ruba Solar AC:

  • Offered at Rs. 173,999, Changhong Ruba’s Solar AC provides efficient cooling powered by solar energy, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

7. Samsung Solar AC:

  • Ranging from Rs. 59,990 to Rs. 1,49,990, Samsung’s Solar AC models offer a variety of options with different capacities, features, and energy efficiency.

8. Orient Solar AC 1.5 Ton Bright White DC Inverter:

  • Priced at Rs. 155,000, Orient’s solar-powered AC efficiently cools medium to large spaces, aligning with the trend of sustainability and energy independence.

9. Panasonic 1.5 Ton Split AC:

  • Offered at Rs. 110,000, Panasonic’s energy-efficient Split AC provides a budget-friendly option for consumers seeking reliable and sustainable cooling.

10. Haier Pearl Inverter New Series 1.5 Ton DC Inverter:

Priced at Rs. 179,100, this model is solar UPS-enabled, ensuring smooth operation on solar power when available, making it a reliable and eco-friendly cooling solution.

11. Gree GS 18FITH7S 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Inverter AC:

Priced at Rs. 214,000, Gree’s Inverter AC offers premium cooling with energy efficiency, meeting the demands of consumers prioritizing both comfort and sustainability.

12. PEL Inverter AC 1.0 Ton Inverter For Fit T3:

Priced at Rs. 160,000, PEL’s InverterOn FIT T3 is a compact and efficient 1.0-ton AC ideal for smaller rooms, providing cost-effective cooling.

13. Mitsubishi Solar AC:

Priced at Rs. 99,000, Mitsubishi’s Solar ACs offer energy-efficient cooling, contributing to sustainability with quality and durability.

14. Dawlance AC Sprinter 30 DC Inverter 1.5 Ton:

Priced at Rs. 169,500, Dawlance’s Sprinter 30 DC Inverter AC offers efficient and strong cooling, balancing affordability and performance.

15. KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245S:

Priced at Rs. 152,900, KENWOOD’s 1 Ton Inverter AC focuses on energy efficiency, providing a practical cooling solution for users seeking both price and efficiency.

Benefits of Using Solar AC:

  1. Energy Saving: Solar ACs reduce dependence on traditional electricity sources by harnessing the sun’s energy.
  2. Cost-Effective: Over time, savings on electricity bills can offset the initial investment in solar ACs.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Solar ACs contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Reliable: Many solar ACs come with backup power options, ensuring uninterrupted cooling during power outages.
  5. Long-Term Investment: Solar ACs have longer lifespans compared to traditional ACs, offering excellent long-term returns.

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar AC:

  1. Size: Choose an AC that fits the dimensions of your space for optimal cooling.
  2. Variety: Research various brands and models before making a decision that suits your needs and budget.
  3. Installation: Access professional installation services for both solar panels and AC units.
  4. Warranty: Verify the warranty offerings from the manufacturer before making a purchase.
  5. Customer Support: Ensure the brand offers reliable customer support services for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  6. Return Policy: Understand the retailer’s return policy in case of any issues with your air conditioner.
  7. Shipping: Confirm the availability and shipping options of the selected AC model.

Where Can I Purchase Solar ACs in Pakistan?

Solar ACs are available through various outlets in Pakistan, both online and at local appliance stores. Before making a decision, research and compare prices and features to ensure a well-informed purchase.

Conclusion: Solar ACs have emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly cooling option in Pakistan. With a variety of models catering to different budgets and preferences, consumers can enjoy efficient cooling while contributing to energy conservation and a greener world. Before investing, assess your needs, budget, and long-term benefits to make an informed decision that aligns with your comfort and sustainability goals.

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