In-Demand Professions in Finland: 15 Lucrative Careers Amidst Skilled Worker Shortage

Finland is currently facing a significant shortage of skilled workers, particularly in critical sectors such as healthcare, social services, education, and construction. This shortage is attributed to factors such as an aging population and a declining working-age demographic, prompting the need for foreign talent to fill essential roles.

According to EURES, the European employment services network, Finland’s workforce dynamics are expected to undergo substantial changes in the coming years, with an increasing number of retirees and a simultaneous rise in job vacancies. As a result, the Finnish government has identified 15 high-demand professions open to international applicants, offering lucrative opportunities for skilled workers seeking employment in Finland.

In-Demand Professions in Finland: 15 Lucrative Careers Amidst Skilled Worker Shortage

In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Workers:

  1. Healthcare Assistants
  2. Qualified Nurses and Public Healthcare Nurses
  3. Social Work Specialists
  4. Specialist Medical Practitioners
  5. General Practitioners
  6. Daycare Teachers
  7. Audiologists and Speech Therapists
  8. Dentists
  9. Home-Based Personal Care Workers
  10. Psychologists
  11. Restaurant and Catering Staff
  12. Office and Workplace Cleaners
  13. Specialist Teachers
  14. Senior Nurses and Ward Nurses
  15. Foremen in the Construction Sector

Average Annual Salaries in Finland:

Professions related to healthcare tend to offer the highest remuneration. According to the Economic Research Institute (EIR), the average annual salaries for selected professions are as follows:

  • Dentist: €131,722 per year (€63 per hour)
  • Psychologist: €64,556 per year (€31 per hour)
  • Registered Nurse: €62,741 per year (€30 per hour)
  • Construction Foreman: €62,024 per year (€30 per hour)
  • Nurse Home Care: €60,517 per year (€29 per hour)
  • Kitchen Chef: €43,079 per year (€21 per hour)
  • Teacher Early Childhood Development: €29,060 per year (€14 per hour)
  • Waiter/Waitress: €26,705 per year (€13 per hour)

Cost of Living in Finland:

While Finland offers competitive wages, living expenses in the country are relatively high. Here are some average monthly expenses:

  • Single person (excluding rent): €902.9
  • Family of four (excluding rent): €3,286
  • One-bedroom apartment (city center): €791.85
  • Three-bedroom apartment (city center): €1,320.30


With its thriving economy and high-quality healthcare and education systems, Finland presents promising opportunities for skilled professionals seeking rewarding careers abroad. As the country continues to attract international talent, individuals with expertise in the aforementioned fields can explore lucrative job prospects and contribute to Finland’s diverse and dynamic workforce.

By capitalizing on the demand for skilled workers in Finland’s key sectors, aspiring expatriates can embark on a fulfilling journey while enjoying competitive salaries and a high standard of living in one of Europe’s most progressive nations.

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