Gold Rate Price in Pakistan 21 September 2023

In (21 September 2023) Today 24 Karat 1 Tola Gold Price in Pakistan is 217,900 rupees & the rate rate of 24 Karat 1 Gram Gold Price is 18682.

Keep in mind that Gold prices fluctuate frequently and are influenced by various factors, including international market conditions, currency exchange rates, geopolitical events, and economic factors.

The Rate provide here are updated on 20 September 2023

24Karat Gold Rate Price in Pakistan

Gold WeightPrice
24K 1 Tola Gold217,900
24K 10 Gram Gold186,820
24K 1 Gram Gold18,682

1 Tola Gold Rate Price in Pakistan

24 Karat1 Tola 217,900
22 Karat1 Tola199,740
21 Karat1 Tola 190,663
18 Karat1 Tola 163,425
12 Karat1 Tola108,950

1 Gram Gold Rates in Different Karat

24 Karat1 Gram18,682
22 Karat1 Gram17,125
21 Karat1 Gram16,347
18 Karat1 Gram14,012
12 Karat1 Gram9,341
Different Karat Rates

Gold Rate in Different Cities

This is the rate of 1 Tola 24Karat in different cities

Lahore 217,950
Pakistani cities Gold Rate

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