Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 16 February 2024

Today gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 220100.00 Gold price in Pakistan varies according to global market rates and you can see the price instantly for respective cities. However, these rates are defined by Pakistan’s bullion market and gold market.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 16 February 2024

24Karat Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold WeightPrice
24K 1 Tola GoldRs. 220100.00
24K 10 Gram GoldRs. 188700.00
24K 1 Gram GoldRs. 18870.00

1 Tola Gold Rate Rate in Pakistan

24 Karat1 Tola Rs. 220100
22 Karat1 TolaRs. 201757
21 Karat1 Tola Rs. 192588
18 Karat1 Tola Rs. 165075
12 Karat1 TolaRs. 110050

1 Gram Gold Rates in Pakistan

24 Karat1 GramRs. 18870
22 Karat1 GramRs. 17297
21 Karat1 GramRs. 16511
18 Karat1 GramRs. 14153
12 Karat1 GramRs. 9435
Different Karat Rates

Gold Rate in Different Cities

KarachiRs. 220100
Lahore Rs. 220100
PeshawarRs. 220100
QuettaRs. 220100
IslamabadRs. 220100

This is the rate of 1 Tola 24Karat in different cities

Daily Gold Updates:

The gold market in Pakistan is as dynamic as ever, with prices varying in response to global market fluctuations. Keeping track of the gold rates in your specific city is now easier than ever. These rates are established by Pakistan’s thriving bullion markets and gold industry.

Stay up-to-date with the current gold price trends in Pakistan and make informed decisions about your gold investments. Whether you’re in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, or any other city, knowing the latest gold rates is crucial. As of today, the price of gold per tola in Pakistan stands at an enticing Rs. 220100.

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