Fiber Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024 | Today’s Rate List and Buying Guide

Fiber sheets, also known as FRP sheets, have become a popular choice in Pakistan for their versatility and durability. Composed of fine glass fibers interwoven in a polymer matrix, these sheets offer advantages over traditional materials like wood, metal, and plastic. This article provides insights into the current Fiber Sheet prices in Pakistan for 2024, covering rates, types, and factors influencing pricing.

Current Fiber Sheet Prices in Pakistan:

The cost of fiber sheets in Pakistan can vary based on factors such as region, supplier, and sheet specifications. As of now, the general price range is Rs 250–Rs 350 per square foot. However, it’s crucial to note that these figures are indicative and may change according to market conditions and individual requirements.

Fiber Sheet TypePrice in Pakistan (Per Square Foot)
10×10 Fiber SheetRs. 270 to Rs. 350
Single layerRs. 250
Double layerRs. 60
Fiber Sheet 240×270 Square FeetRs. 64,000
1.5 layerRs. 50
Translucent Fiber SheetRs. 250 (Double layer)

Understanding Fiber Sheets:

Fiber sheets are manufactured by impregnating glass fibers with polyester, epoxy, or vinyl ester resin, binding them together for enhanced mechanical qualities. These sheets offer variations to meet different needs:

  1. Plain Fiber Sheets:
    • Smooth surface finish, ideal for general applications where aesthetics are not a primary concern.
  2. Textured Fiber Sheets:
    • Feature an embossed or patterned surface, providing a visually appealing and slip-resistant finish. Commonly used for flooring, walkways, and ramps.
  3. Colored Fiber Sheets:
    • Available in a range of hues for design flexibility, suitable for interior decoration or architectural applications.
  4. Translucent Fiber Sheets:
    • Allow diffused natural light to pass through, making them suitable for skylights, canopies, and greenhouses.

Factors Affecting Fiber Sheet Prices:

Several factors influence fiber sheet prices in Pakistan. Understanding these factors is crucial for making informed purchasing decisions:

  1. Material Quality and Durability:
    • Higher-grade glass fibers and superior polymer resins contribute to longer-wearing sheets, often commanding higher prices.
  2. Thickness and Weight:
    • Thicker sheets provide greater strength and durability, but they may be more expensive. Weight also affects pricing.
  3. Color and Finish:
    • Plain white fiber sheets are typically less costly than colored or textured ones. Specialty finishes or customized colors may incur additional fees.

Current Trends in Pakistan’s Fiber Sheet Market:

The demand for fiber sheets in Pakistan has rapidly increased, particularly in the construction industry for roofing, cladding, partitions, and flooring projects. Recent interior and architectural trends have further boosted the demand for fiber sheets, providing designers and architects with creative freedom.

Popular Brands and Suppliers:

Reputable fiber sheet suppliers in Pakistan include Al-Rehman Fiberglass, MKB Engineering, Sheikh Mumtaz Ali & Sons, New Fiber Zone, B&H Fiberglass Industries, and Fiber Crafts Industries, among others. Extensive research and comparisons of brands in terms of quality, price, and customer support are recommended before making a purchase.

Comparison of Fiber Sheet Prices:

To make an informed buying decision, it’s crucial to compare prices from various suppliers. Factors such as sheet thickness, quality, and additional features should be considered. Collecting multiple quotations ensures maximum value from the investment.

Tips for Buying Fiber Sheets in 2024:

  1. Evaluate Specific Requirements:
    • Carefully assess the purpose, dimensions, and other specifications of the required fiber sheets.
  2. Research Options:
    • Compare brands based on product offerings, prices, customer reviews, and reliability. Opt for providers with proven track records.
  3. Prioritize Durability:
    • While price is essential, prioritize long-term durability when investing in fiber sheets. High-quality sheets offer better resistance to environmental elements.

Conclusion: Fiber Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024:

Fiber sheets present an economical and functional solution for various applications in Pakistan. The estimated price range in 2024 is Rs. 250 to Rs. 350 per square foot. To make an informed purchase, buyers should research reputable brands, compare prices, and consider factors like material quality and durability. The versatility of fiber sheets makes them a valuable choice for construction and design projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are fiber sheets suitable for outdoor applications?

Yes, fiber sheets are highly suitable for outdoor applications due to their resistance to weathering, corrosion, and UV radiation.

Can fiber sheets be painted or coated with other finishes?

Yes, fiber sheets can be painted or coated with various finishes to achieve the desired appearance, provided

What is the lifespan of fiber sheets?

The lifespan of fiber sheets depends on factors like material quality, installation methods, and maintenance practices. High-quality fiber sheets can last for several decades with proper care.

Are fiber sheets fire-resistant?

Fiber sheets have inherent fire-resistant properties, but it’s advisable to check specific fire ratings and certifications before use in applications requiring fire resistance.

Can fiber sheets be recycled?

Yes, fiber sheets can be recycled, making them environmentally friendly. Specialized recycling facilities or companies can handle the recycling process.

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